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42255 Local Beta Launch: Invitation, become part of the Smart Michigan Business Network
xebax Michigan Network LLC
Our Mission
Our Vision is to network the local economy of Michigan and Detroit in a very closely manner.
xeNet as a technical network platform is dedicated to support the local enterprises in their daily work flow processes. The Smart Michigan Businesses as strong Backbone to accelerate the growing of the local economy. New Innovative Technologies are creating new jobs and new business models. To transform Michigan to a place of new thinking which provides the space for the development of sustainable innovations. Going a head in a world where we face so much challenges to solve, that will be the role of the future Michigan. The collaboration of economy and Universities, Manufactures and innovators and creators of new products. A modern and future oriented economy for creating new jobs and the prosperity of all. Detroit the hub and the incubator in a globalized economy.
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41874 Press Releases - xebax Michigan Network LLC
   xeNet-Domain Ordering Opened By Hannes Fuchs June 20, 2014 Ordering of the First xeNet Domains opened Detroit, Mi – July, 11 2014 The xebax Michigan Network LLC enters the next stage of the Market Entry. In September the first 20000 xeNet Domains will be released for the public operational use. The Ordering of the of the xeNet-Domains is opened. xeNet is the first open Network within the Internet, based on a new Network and Cloud Technology developed and designed Hannes Fuchs, a German Software and Network Architect. The new Technology overcomes all the known leaks of the current Internet. The users are connecting the Network with xeDesk a new Smart Hybrid Desktop Application. The myWeb Application combines and structures the WWW with xeNetTechnology pdf11.07.2014 12:13:40 0.045960 MB
   xebax Michigan Network LLC. is launching the Smart Michigan Business Network Project By Hannes Fuchs June 22, 2014 Detroit, Mi Smart Michigan Business Network (SMBN) Project is a new Project initiated and organized by Christina Otto and Hannes Fuchs, owners of the new established xebax Michigan Network LLC. The SMBN is the first project worldwide based on the brand new xeNet Network Technology. Michigan was selected as a the field for the operational start of the project. Hannes Fuchs as the father of the new technology is convinced that there is a strong relationship between Sustainable Technologies, Innovations and the growing of economies and development of societies. A closed networked Michigan for collaboration, cooperation, bundling of synergies, that is the vision of Christina and Hannes. A strong economy based on a strong Middle Class is the basic for the prosperity of all. To Network local businesses that is the main goal of the first operational step. The closing of the gap between the virtual and the real world that is the one of the main aspects of the new xeNet. Our real live is the place where we act, communicate, meet people and do our business. The needs and requirements of enterprises is reflected on applications provided by the xeNet. A secure, fast and modularized service environment is the prerequisite for a smart Network Infrastructure. That is the main thought, which has driven the xeNet development project. The productivity of a company is based on its employees and the tools they are using. pdf22.06.2014 21:21:4 0.073439 MB
   German Network Architect established the xebax Michigan Network LLC. (xMN)
based in Detroit Metropolitan
By Hannes Fuchs June 10, 2014

Next Generation Network Technologies available in US-Market
Detroit, Mi – xebax Michigan Network LLC. was established by Christina Otto and Hannes Fuchs on March 1, 2014. The xMN is the first company of the future xebax group based in Detroit, MI. Hannes Fuchs selected Michigan and Detroit Metro as the testing field for the improving and further development of xeNet, a Next Generation Network Technology, which he researched and developed for the last fifteen years in Berlin Germany.
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42448 xeDesk Applications
   MyWeb is the main Tool to manage my personal or the xeNet Domain WWW Environment. pdf13.07.2014 9:39:33 0.329796 MB
42465 Smart Michigan Business Network
   The Smart Michigan Business Network png6.12.2014 7:4:45 0.238936 MB
   The Smart Michigan Project The main goal of xebax Michigan Network is to provide a smart backbone of a networked Michigan. Michigan as an area for a sustainable community for all who live here. A place to live dreams, working on a concepts for a modern society with a growing and successful economy. To overcome the down turn and a sustainable up turn that is our vision we work on. Technology should be a servant, a tool to make things easier, smarter a to support us in our daily living. That is core idea of Hannes Fuchs, the innovator of the xeNet Technology. pdf6.12.2014 6:43:35 0.986195 MB
42460 xeNet the Industrial Network
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42461 Articles by Hannes Fuchs
   A new Network Technology enters the public Stage. After twenty five Years using the Internet it's time for an other revolution. The Internet supported and forced so many positive as well as negative changes in the world. Nearly every is touched, our private live, doing our business, societies and political systems. Living in a digital Environment has more and more affects in our daily living, the kind of our personal relationships. The World is getting closer and closer, but we face more and more global challenges, where we have to work on. The Development of Solutions that is the responsibility, which we have. Investing in Sustainable Technologies will generate a great profit for all. Money itself is not creative, but the combination with human creativity and money as a tool or instrument to bring Visions and Ideas down to earth, that is the successful Investment in the future. html16.07.2014 14:1:30 0.004162 MB
42462 xeNet Partnerships
Hallo Hendrik
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42251 Related xebax Links
   For the Beta launch we have the amount of xeNet-Domains limited to 30000. Right now we are funding the setup of the root Data Center and our Headquarter in Detroit. The Services will be provided from September on. Have a preview on the technology papers provided at From May on the first xeNet Domains will be connected in order of the incomming licence orders. ##IndieGoGo## <_Link_> IndieGoGo.forward:: txt24.06.2014 8:39:15 0.000006 MB
41924 Video Library
   Video will come soon txt22.06.2014 13:46:6 0.000006 MB
37154 xeDesk.Alpha.2014 Setup Zip Archiv
xeDesk is your personal Agent to connect to the xeNet. With a single sign login you are connected to all of your domain members or other members of the xeNet. xeNet is your service agent where all services you need for your daily work are integratet under one roof.
The will make networking much easier, much secure and accelerates the access to the xeNet services.
This Download is for Users with an existing account of a xeNet Domain.
Be the first, register now, be registered, when the xeNet will be launched.
The Pre Registration will be opened at the end of February.
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35314 xeNet White Paper a short overview PDF

Table of Content

  • xebax:: Abstract (Page 3)

  • Hannes Fuchs::The Idea (Page 4)

  • xeNet:: The Project (Page 5)

  • Internet:: History (Page 6)

  • xebax Inc:: The Network Company (Page 7)

  • xebax:: What is xeNet? (Page 8)

  • xeNet:: United xeNet World (Page 9)

  • xeNet:: The Challenge (Page 10)

  • xeNet:: The xeNet Domain System (Page 12)

  • xeNet:: The xeNet Domain for Business Applications (Page 13)

  • xeNet:: Domain - My Home Base (Page 14)

  • xeNet:: The Networked Business World – Social Business (Page 15)

  • nxeNet:: What is new?? Good bye to the conventional Browsers (Page 16)

  • Services:: xeSearch - The World's Database (Page 17)

  • Services:: xeSearch-xeDesk Interface (Page 18)

  • xeNet:: The IODL Services (Page 19)

  • xeNet:: The Messaging Services – Security in Communication Services (Page 20)

  • xeNet:: Integration of eAdvertising (Page 21)

  • xebax Inc.:: Sustainable Investment (Page 23)

  • Conclusion:: The Winner is xebax Inc. /Detroit, MI USA (Page 24)

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    40874 The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet- Pitch
    The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet,
    this is the title of an article, which was written by the chief editor of the US magazine Wired, Chris Anderson
    and Michael Wolff, published in 2010.
    "You wake up and check your email on your bedside iPad — that’s one app.
    During breakfast you browse Facebook, Twitter, and The New York Times — three more apps. On the way to
    the office, you listen to a podcast on your Smart Phone. Another app. At work, you scroll through RSS feeds
    in a reader and have Skype and IM conversations. More apps. At the end of the day, you come home, make
    dinner while listening to Pandora, play some games on Xbox Live, and watch a movie on Netflix’s streaming
    service. You’ve spent the day on the Internet — but not on the Web. And you are not alone."
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    13740 xeNet-The Philosophy
    The way of future networking. Yes it works.
    pdf 14.07.2014 10:2:16 0.059238 MB
    13763 Goals of the new xeNet Technology
    Many people speek and think about future networking. Here it is. Learn more about the Next Generation Networking.
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    13760 Screenshots xeDesk 2014 Alpha I
    xeDesk is your personal Agent to connect to the xeNet. With a single sign login you are connected to
    all of your domain members or other members of the xeNet. xeNet is your service agent where all services
    you need for your daily work are integratet under one roof.
    The will make networking much easier,
    much secure and accelerates the access to the xeNet services.
       myWeb is the central Interface to the World Wide Web. The organizer of the users personal web and the place to share web based information with other xeNet-Domain users or other users of the xeNet. Different rules allow users the data sharing with targeted groups or other xeNet Domain users. The embedded Web within the xeDesk supports users to create their own Web for the Domain. The myWeb Tools are providing users an extended functionality to manage their daily work. png12.05.2014 15:58:56 0.318477 MB
       The IODL (Intelligent Object Data Linking ) Engine. The IODL - Service is the main organization service to collect and organize Data and Information undependent of the stored location - within the Internet - within local Computers or within the xeNet. The IODL Records can be linked to any other public or private IODL-Databases. Knowledge Sharing is one of the main requirements of modern companies. png20.01.2014 7:12:26 0.343290 MB
       My personal Web Surfen in the Web and Searching was yesterday, today a direct data access is required. Knowledge sharing, especially in a commercial or enterprise environment saves time and money and accelerates the response on work requirements. For companies it is existentially in the competition to optimize and to manage information gathering and to distribute updated data in a fast and simple manner within their network. This example shows the archiving of Google requests, where other Domain Members have access to. png13.01.2014 9:15:45 0.237303 MB
       Experimental Design with a coloured Environment. Colours are primarily one of the most recognizing elements of our visual senses. To develop a general colour scheme to display the status of the different elements and application layers, that is the challenge to face for the Designers of the user interfaces. The look and feel is responsable for the personal emotions of the users during their work. A relaxed and stressless work is the basic for an efficient work. png2.01.2014 17:11:54 0.240439 MB
       OpenOffice-Integration To network different applications under one roof, without loosing any system stability, that is the great challenge of our development. Providing the core of different functionalities in a simple navigation environment of the xeDesk is one of the great goals of our Technology. Direct access for users on files, data bases and applications, independent of the location or the device they use, that is the next Generation of working environments. png30.12.2013 19:6:8 0.797018 MB
       The xeNet IODL ( Intelligent Object Data Linking Provider) The IODL Provider is one of the most powerfull xeCloud Services. The assistent, to organize the users data and application environment. The export of IODL records allows users of remote xeNet Domains the access to selected files on the local domain. This provides a simple data sharing on demand. To have access on updated data, is one of the main prerequisites within our information age. The IODL SP(Service Provider) is one of the main usefull assitent Services, managed by the needs of the users. png30.12.2013 19:1:4 0.246136 MB
       xeDesk-Object-Browser combines and integrates local Computer Resources with the xeNet. Local Hard Disks can be indexed by the xeNet Storage and File Manager. This accelerates the access to files where ever they are stored. Additional File or Folder Information can be added for the expansion of security. The very different File Locations can be grouped and linked to different issues. The xeNet Storage Services are providing a managed access to all kind of files. The xeStorage has the behaviour like a World's Hard Drive. png30.12.2013 18:51:27 0.204826 MB
       xeDesk is your personal Agent to connect to the xeNet. With a single sign login you are connected to all members of your domain or other members of the xeNet. xeNet is your service agent where all services you need for your daily work are integratet under one roof. This will make networking much easier, much more secure and accelerates the access to the xeNet services. png29.08.2011 10:6:57 0.281365 MB
       xeSearch Service within the xeDesk. Users have access to the xeSearch engine within the xeDesk. This is much faster then using a web interface. The result list can be sorted by each column, or you can store the results in your personal DocCenter as an Link. png29.08.2011 10:6:44 0.355451 MB
       The xeNet Document Center is based on the xebax File System. The Document Services are part of the the base domain services. The documents are stored in the xeCloud and everyone of the domain members, who has the rights can access the documents. png29.08.2011 10:6:26 0.115806 MB
       xeDesk is a software agent with newly developed Hybrid Browser Technology. That means that you have access to services on2ways: You can connect to the old web with a common browser interface and you can connect to other services, which are provided by the xeNet Technology. png29.08.2011 10:5:42 0.134656 MB
    13441 Others about xeNet / xeNet Project
       Andreas Schartner -Bob's World AG html16.04.2011 13:29:50 0.010726 MB